Friday, September 10, 2010

Right-Wing Theme Song?

I'll be out of town next week -- and oddly enough, without internet -- so my last pre-trip blog post will be another music video that I thought pertinent. It's from Serj Tankian's first solo CD Elect the Dead, and the song is called "The Unthinking Majority."

Depending on how you interpret the lyrics, it could be a theme song for the Tea Party. Or an explanation for how George W. Bush won a second term.

A sample of the lyrics:

We don't need your hypocrisy
Execute real democracy
Post-industrial society
The unthinking majority

Controlling tools of your system
Making life more tolerable
Making life more tolerable

I believe that you're wrong
Insinuating they hold the bomb
Clearing the way for the oil brigade
Clearing the way for the oil brigade

Enjoy the song, have fun and be safe, defenders of democracy. I'll be back in a little more than a week; hopefully our country hasn't completely gone to shit by then.

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