Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letter to the Governor

I don't usually write about state politics on this blog, since not everyone who might read this page is a Virginia resident. But in light of recent news surrounding decisions made by Gov. Bob McDonnell, I had to write a scathing letter expressing my anger.

The letter is as follows:

Gov. McDonnell,

Over the past few days, I have gone from being a concerned Virginia citizen to an angry one, based on your recent actions. I can no longer sit back in silence while you do everything you can to take the commonwealth backwards in a time where that's the last thing we need.

First, your decision to get rid of discrimination protections for LGBT employees is objectionable and outrageous. I understand your party frowns upon those who are not "good, straight Christians," just as I'm aware of your graduate thesis -- and I don't believe for a minute that you've turned into the moderate you sold yourself as in the campaign. This action is despicable, and I sincerely hope someone holds you accountable for treating homosexuals working for the commonwealth as second-class citizens.

But of perhaps greater concern to me than your blatant disregard for equal protections for all Virginians is the fact that you deem public education so unnecessary that it should bear the brunt of the commonwealth's budget shortfall. I understand Virginia budget needs to be cut, but to lop off over $700 million from the school system? Such a move would result in lower-quality education for our children and crushing job losses when we need more job creation.

Then again, you once turned down $125 million of stimulus money that would've gone straight to unemployment benefits, so why should I be surprised that you want to lop off education and health care jobs?

Many of the students in Hampton are low-income; under your proposal, they would be among the hardest-hit, and without quality education, the likelihood of these children growing up to improve their lot in life reduces greatly. Then again, that's what the GOP wants, isn't it? Keep the poor that way, and make sure they don't get an education, lest they actually think for themselves and decide you and your party don't have their best interests at heart.

Budget cuts are inevitable at this point, I suppose, but your projections and suggestions are needless and over-the-top. You billed yourself as "the Jobs Governor," but your recent actions have shown that you're anything but that. You're effectively revoking your LGBT employees' protections, and your budget would lead to much higher unemployment in the commonwealth.

With all due respect, Governor, find that brain under your hairpiece and try to reduce job losses, not increase them. If we need more stimulus money, get it. If we have to raise taxes a little, do it. I will not sit back and watch you throw away our children's future and toss out highly-dedicated and qualified educational professionals -- particularly when we're at a time where education is so important.

It's your job to fix this mess, Governor, not make it worse. Get it together.


an angry Virginian

Will the letter do any good? Probably not; McDonnell and the party he represents have shown time and again that the citizens matter little to them -- especially if they're progressives who see fit to hold them accountable for their actions. But sitting back in silence really doesn't help either, so Gov. Thesis McHairpiece should expect to hear from me repeatedly over the course of his term.

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