Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just How Small Are We Talking?

To a man, the GOP loves to talk about everything they do for small businesses. Tax cuts so small businesses can (theoretically) hire more workers, stuff like that.

But what constitutes a small business in the eyes of the GOP?

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann addressed that issue on Wednesday night's edition of Countdown, with a hard-hitting report roughly 11 minutes long. To summarize: a lot of companies you thought were large corporations are actually small businesses when it comes to tax laws.

Hell, Olbermann himself is a small business.

Long and short of it, we're being had. Watch the report, then do your part to make sure as many other people see it as possible. We constantly bitch about how awful journalism is today, and how the mainstream media is ignoring actual facts. Now that we have a mainstream media outlet doing actual investigative reporting that relies on substance instead of partisan bickering, let's not let this go to waste.

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