Friday, August 14, 2009

Washington Rep. Slams FOX's Beck

For any Democrats in Congress holding town hall meetings this month who aren't quite sure how to deal with the disruptive, angry protestors -- those who believe President Obama wants to kill your grandmother and that the public option (option, as in you have a choice) is a way for the government to take over your life -- I offer you Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.).

When faced with an asanine question from one of the members of the audience, Larsen reiterated that the public option would not force anyone to do anything, that anyone happy with their insurance would be free to stick with that plan. He then got off this parting shot:

"Now folks will say that's not true, but I've got facts on my side and you've got Glenn Beck on your side. It's just not going to play out that way."

Link to the video below (for some reason, the embed feature won't give me the full link):

Something tells me the blowhards over at FOX Noise will have their particular brand of fun with this one tonight. Still, isn't it nice to see a Democrat stand up and fight for once? First Howard Dean, then Bill Clinton, now Larsen.

Are you taking notes, Mr. President?

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